A Child is a Seed of Life, and You are Their Light

A child is a SEED of humanity. It has all the wisdom in it. All the love and knowing in it. Because it simply ‘IS’. The basic form of existence. The basic form of being.

Seeds wait to germinate until three needs are met: water, correct temperature, and a good soil. If we create the right conditions and environment, feed their brain, heart and soul with a conscious parenting, the seed will do its best to spread its purpose, what it has in the core and share its potential with the world.

So, how do we create these conditions and environment? Isn’t it ironic that the biggest love in the world can bring also the hell state of mind in your child’s life?! How can love hurt the ones we love most? I will be discussing this and more here!

A child never grows, never ends, never dies in us. It is our SEED. That is the core of our being, our existence. This is why you can not separate children of the past and children of today from each other. It might seem like a different state of being, yet it is the same state; always, forever.

This is the main idea of this book series. A book series for both you and your child.

Remember, you are not separate from your child, yet, here is the challenging part, even you are ONE with your child, your child is NOT any kind of VERSION OF YOU, or it belongs to YOU! Or you OWN them.


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