Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep

For healthy growth and development in all areas, good sleep is essential for young children. Yet it can often be one of the most challenging aspects of being a little one. With affirmation love poems and gorgeous illustrations, Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep is the perfect resource for parents and caregivers to nurture the sense of security children need to have a restful sleep, while joyfully encouraging their thinking and language skills.

Feeling good about sleep and establishing positive sleep habits early in life is of the utmost importance and parents often need support. Having the right words to communicate to your child that sleep is pleasant, that they will be safe, and they won’t miss out on fun, is all there for you in Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep. Children learn that all living things in the world sleep and that the world helps them sleep by bringing the night.

Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep is also designed so you can more deeply relax and your inner child can feel safe and secure and deserving of good rest and to convey this to them. Your inner child needs to hear these comforting affirmations of worthiness and acceptance so you can mentally let go and have peace in sleep. Doing so strengthens you, and in turn, your own children. When you are healthy emotionally, this greatly supports your ability to parent your child in constructive, positive ways—in other words, to help them embrace sleep and renewal.

“Stars shine above you in the dark, my love will keep you safe from harm”

Arzu Tunca

Reading these positive affirmation poems with their appealing, colorful illustrations is a delightful experience for parent and baby, toddler, and preschooler. Enjoy this special reading time with your child as you communicate your love and hopes for them, how special they are, and strengthen your own sense of relaxation and peace through these beautifully crafted and touching poems.

Key Take-Aways and Tips
  • Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep helps meet young children’s fundamentally basic need for sleep to ensure healthy physical, emotional, and mental development and well-being.

  • Many children fight sleep because they have fears or they wish to continue with their day. The book gives you the words and images to help them see that sleep is natural, pleasant, and important.

  • The book gives parents and children many ways to feel loved, safe, and soothed that they can relate to such as prayer, snuggling, closing their eyes, and dreaming pleasantly.

  • Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep weaves in routines which help young children know what will happen next so they can feel comfortable and fall into a deep and calm sleep.

  • Reading the book also helps you sooth and calm your own inner child so you can get the rest and sleep you deserve and need to be healthy as a parent.

  • When your inner child hears the messages in Serenade for My Baby: Peaceful Sleep, much of the damage that may be interfering with your peaceful sleep can begin to be repaired.


This chapter lets children begin to prepare for sleep by conveying to them that the day is over and night is coming but that it is positive occurrence.

They hear why they need to rest. They feel a sense of love and closeness with their parent or caregiver by reading, cuddling, and relaxing together.

This chapter communicates to children that it is time for sleep, to have music and song to calm and relax them, and that all the world is also wanting to sleep.

They hear that they are safe and that their parent will be there to watch over them.

This chapter shares dreamtime with children. They hear that dreaming is something to look forward to and it is a part of peaceful sleep.

That dreaming is a magical, special gift. The messages help them see that in some ways, dreaming allows them to continue to play and have fun.




To help your child know just how special she or he is, we personalize the cover of the book with your child’s name.

Our own name is a powerful symbol of our uniqueness and our place in the world. This begins very early. Within just a few months of life, a baby responds to his or her name, long before they can even speak. Connecting your child’s name to a special book when they are a toddler and preschooler makes them feel important and special.



This is the page where a message can be personalized, along with including your child’s photo and name. Imagine what a special memory this will become over the years.

This allows you a unique opportunity to show your child how much you love and cherish him or her. It also conveys to children how important and powerful books are, which is central to a love of reading and learning. If you are a relative or friend, this makes a perfect gift for parents and children.



The poems integrate the child’s name and photo throughout the book. Using their image and name builds their sense of self—that they are in the world, are unique, and they matter.

Hearing their name and seeing their photo in relation to the affirmations helps them relate much more directly with what the poems are sharing and promising. And did you know that babies and toddlers learn language through their names? When they hear their name it is a way to bring attention to the language around it. Further, it is an influential way to showcase the connection of the spoken word to print. This sets the stage for successful reading and literacy. All of this is a win-win!

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